Federated Commonwealth's Protectorate

The Federated Commonwealth’s Protectorate is a nation formed of a great many small nations. The Protectorate will routinely sweep into an area and offer assistance to the locals. If the town offers something that the Protectorate needs, they will offer admittance to the Protectorate. Though the Protectorate projects an outward image of benevolence they have been known to forcibly absorb a nation if they control something of great importance.

The Protectorate was founded by Theodis Hadley I as a way to unite three small nations that had been feuding for many years. The nations of Jetral, Kandor, and Pinnel had long been bitter rivals and Hadley’s attempt to forge an alliance was repeatedly rebuffed until an attack on the three nations by the Marauders of the Wilds. The nations united to become the Protectorate and elected Hadley their new leader due to his familiarity with fighting the Marauders. With Hadley’s leadership the new nation was able to push the Marauders far into the lands of the west.

Since that time the Protectorate had evolved into a vast network of nations combined under one flag. The Protectorate had become a nation of law and formalities. The Protectorate is a constitutional monarchy, headed by the royal family all descendants of Hadley, and the Council of Chancellors.

the Protectorate is considered by some to be a blight, but is beloved by others.

Many people have begun to feel that the Protectorate isn’t the most transparent government and wish for the people running it to allow the Protectorate’s citizens to be involved with the decisions made. In recent years protests have occurred over this topic.

Federated Commonwealth's Protectorate

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